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The 2014 Brandlive Awards Nominees

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The 1st Annual Brandlive Awards will be taking place on February 27th to honor the best Brandlive uses and moments from 2013. Here’s a rundown of the all the nominees for the nine awards.

Excellence in Commerce

The “Excellence in Commerce” award honors brands that have redefined success in selling products – and a lot of them.

Rockwell Tools – Rockwell is known for their flash sales, enthusiastic audiences, and compelling live demonstrations. The result is selling high volumes of their range of tools.

Ball brand Canning Products – Ball brand launched the FreshTECH Jam and Jelly Maker on Brandlive, offering a simpler method to an American pastime.

CrockPot – CrockPot updated their classic product with 21st century technology, launching their slow cooker with Smart Cook technology on Brandlive.

Excellence in Marketing

The Excellence in Marketing award honors brands that have excelled in using Brandlive as a tool in their PR and Communications efforts. This award considers the event itself, the interaction during and after, and the promotional efforts leading up.

Charles Communications Associates – CCA’s wine events for California wines excel in the use of Twitter to promote the event, as well as attracting and engaging influential bloggers in the industry to take part in tasting sessions.

Saga Outerwear – Saga’s goal, above all else, is to have constant contact with their fans – through the use of as many social mediums as possible. They’ve used Brandlive to bring together all of these independent social networks and gather fans from Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter and have uniquely found a way to unify all conversations on their Brandlive page, in real time.

Ball brand Canning Products – Ball’s events attracts their seasoned fans and those new to canning to their events to gather a large amount of brand advocates, insights, and authentic product reviews.

Excellence in Training

The Excellence in Training award honors brands that have excelled in using Brandlive to train their sales experts, retail partners, and anyone involved in getting the right products to the rights customers.

GoPro – GoPro’s regular training sessions with retail partners have contributed to a 400% increase in sell through, and deliver consistent high-level training for a technical product.

Adidas – Adidas Running internally launched their newest innovative technologies through Brandlive to remotely train their technical reps, product ambassadors, and retail store associates about the newest line of running shoes.

REI – REI communicates with their partner brands and retail stores about the newest product lines and store programs, making up-to-date information easier and more convenient to access.

Levi’s – Levi’s uses Brandlive to visually show each upcoming seasonal clothing line to the key accounts and Merchandise Coordinators across the country.

Best Visual Presentation

The Best Visual Presentation award honors brands that have demonstrated technical prowess and broadcasted events in high quality.

Krusteaz – The Krusteaz holiday demonstration used professional cameras and multiple angles to deliver a beautifully presented cooking seminar.

Rockwell Tools – Rockwell is adept at broadcasting events that make it seem like you are right inside the workshop – doing close up product demonstrations that let you see how their unique tools are used.

Ball brand Canning Products – Ball’s Can it Forward event in New York was an all day production featuring demonstrations from celebrity chefs and food personalities.

Best Audience Engagement

The Best Audience Engagement award honors brands that fully engage their audience, using the two-way communication and information gathering aspects of Brandlive to the fullest.

Marmot – Marmot’s Built to Inspire event brought together an in-person audience and an audience on their Brandlive page to hold an engaging fundraiser featuring and benefiting Paradox Sports, hosted at Mountain Gear.  

Charles Communications Associates – CCA’s regular use of Twitter during Brandlive sessions as well as attracting influential tasters brings high quality comments and engagement during their live tastings.

Maker’s Mark – Maker’s first event brought together a specific group of people – female mixologists – and the result was an entertaining and educational event with likeminded participants.

Brandlive Personality

The Brandlive Personality award honors individuals who have hosted events with exceptional charisma and deftly use Brandlive as a product communication tool.

Catherine McCord (Krusteaz)  - As the writer of the popular “mommy blog” Weelicious, Catherine was the perfect choice to host Krusteaz’ holiday event share her seasonal recipes.

Julie Mallory (Bowflex) – In a live event featuring the Bowflex Treadclimber, Julie put her enthusiasm on camera to show how fun and effective the Treadclimber can be, once again proving that even in a hard workout, girls don’t sweat – they glisten.

Timmy O’Neill (Paradox Sports)  - The founder of Paradox Sports, an organization devoted to providing athletic outlets for those with physical disabilities, Timmy hosted Marmot’s “Built to Inspire” event and inspired those who watched his stories of athletes overcoming their disabilities and taking on adventure.

Pam Wiznitzer (Maker’s Mark) - As a mixologist at the famous Dead Rabbit in New York, Pam knows how whip up a tasty cocktail – and her jovial attitude shines through to create fun and interesting events.

Tom Spencer & Lauren Gomez (Rockwell) - Tom and Lauren, the hosts of Rockwell’s events, are an engaging pair who attract large audiences - adeptly show awesome product demonstrations while fluidly answering participant’s questions.

Best Product Demonstration

The Best Product Demonstration award honors brands that have skillfully demonstrated how to use their products.

Rockwell Tools – Rockwell excels in demonstrating how to use their tools, products that may otherwise be intimidating to those new to home improvement and DIY.

Krusteaz – Catherine presented her delicious recipes in a fun way that anyone could make using premade Krusteaz mix – even those who are usually scared of frying an egg.

Ball brand Canning Products – During their Can It Forward event, Ted Allen showed how easy it is to can your own tomatoes and enjoy them year round. 

Most Creative Application

The Most Creative Application award honors brands that have used Brandlive with unique or non-traditional methods. 

Portland Meat Collective – As a reward for those who contributed to their Kickstarter, Portland Meat Collective offered a Duck Butchery and Prosciutto lesson – foods that many people enjoy but doesn’t usually attempt at home by themselves.

Gerber – Gerber and teamed up to interview athletes and gear companies during the GoPro Mountain Games, and being on site means talking to dripping wet athletes right out of the water. 

Saga Outerwear – Saga’s methods are unconventional, but it certainly works for them – their unscripted, on the fly Brandlive sessions are fun and unpretentious, and offer a way for consumers to engage directly with them as they hang out at their headquarters.

Best Live Moment

The Best Live Moment award honors brands that have had moments on Brandlive that could only happen during a live session – authentic and unrehearsed.

Rockwell Tools – During a Rockwell event for the Sonicrafter, someone watching asked if it could cut carpet. Rockwell’s response? Grabbing a piece of carpet from a coworker’s desk and putting the Sonicrafter Carpet Shear to the test.

Online Shoes – What happens when New Balance, Online Shoes, and a Crossfitter walk into a room? Live workout demonstrations!

Pinemeadow Golf – Pinemeadow hosts weekly shows where they discuss the latest in golf news and tournaments, and of course, the technology in their own products. The regular episodes of reoccurring personalities definitely creates some “live”  moments.

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