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What is Brandlive?

Brandlive is a live video platform for brands and retailers to interact with their audiences for training, marketing and commerce events. We help you build real relationships in real time. We’re a new medium. A live video platform that cuts through the din of digital clutter to help brands build human connections and foster loyal relationships at scale in the digital world. We’re a new way of communicating, one that is lived not observed, real not fabricated, reciprocal not one-sided, and we’re guiding brands and retailers every step of the way.

The Correct Spelling

Correct Spelling:
  • Brandlive
One word.
One capital letter.
Wrong ways:
  • Brand Live
  • BrandLIVE
  • BRANDlive
  • brandlive

Brandlive Logos

Brandlive Logo
Brandlive White Logo
Brandlive Icon

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