Brandlive Production Partner



Brandlive, a top-tier Brand and Retailer platform for producing and hosting interactive live video events, is looking for local production partners in the Singapore to create live video, audio and streaming content. The ideal person for this role is either a freelancer or a small production company. You will need to be mobile and have a wide variety of production skills - video, sound, lighting and technical production.


If you have experience with producing high quality, multi-camera live video content, you are likely to be a good fit. Check out a few archived Brandlive events to get a sense for the content. A typical production has 1-3 cameras with 2-4 presenters. In most situations there is not an in-person audience, so audio and video can be relatively self contained.

Great Brandlive producers have an understanding of brand and retail product training, marketing and e-commerce. Each Brandlive event has real-time interaction with the live viewers watching the event.

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