Build real relationships in real time with live video.

The "one-stop-shop" live video platform for brands and retailers

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Go way beyond social engagement

  • Ownership


    Integrate live video into your website or mobile app. You own the content, audiences, data, and revenue.

  • Audiences


    Align employees, train partners, and excite customers. Use live video to reach all of your key audiences.

  • Syndication


    Simulcast live video to reach audiences on Facebook, YouTube, and Periscope — at the same time.

  • End–to–end


    Live event setup, registration, merchandising, moderation, and analytics in one place.

Transform your go–to–market process in multiple ways


Shoppable live video on one platform with live product demonstration, audience interaction, rich merchandising and buy now links.



Launch products, engage influencers, and build integrated live video campaigns for all of your audiences.



Scale the passion of experts to employees, resellers, and partners. Educate your workforce efficiently and effectively - and save money.


A few highlights of our live video platform

  • HD Streaming

    HD Streaming

    Stream HD 1080 video to any device

  • Moderation


    Keep the conversation brand safe

  • eCommerce


    Feature products and drive traffic to your cart

  • Customization


    Your logo, your products, your branding

  • Analytics


    Understand what your customers want

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